Stay safe in India as the lockdown is in place, some news shared by Debnath Goswami MD Extrude Hone India.

The Corona Virus outbreak has taken the whole world by surprise by its enormity, every nation took precautionary measures to safeguard its citizens, India opted for an early and complete lockdown to keep the impact under control, Nation-wide curfew was announced and all movements were restricted, effectively, the entire nation came to a halt.

Suddenly, all non-essential businesses stopped functioning and supply chain snapped, Extrude Hone India’s operation came to a halt on 21st March, Saturday. At the same time, our suppliers’ and customers’ operations too ceased functioning. Team Extrude Hone India contacted all the stake holders, almost immediately.

We exchanged information related to operation, stock level, material movement etc. Since then, Extrude Hone India team members are working from their respective homes. We are in close contact with our business partners.
Our colleagues are working on customer proposals, queries and calls, our colleagues from engineering department are collaborating with global team members on important projects, we are also booking orders and importing critical items from our overseas manufacturing locations

In a way, we are engaged in our mission, with gradual ease of lockdown, we all are hoping that normalcy is around the corner, with restrictions on operations, people movement, raw material supply etc., it will be a challenging phase, being in the middle of critical supply chain, Extrude Hone India plays crucial role across industry segments, we sincerely believe that seamless communication and collaboration are the keys to the success.
During this phase, we are committed to work even more closely with our customers.