You are in Additive, closed Pump Impellers matter for you, then please take the time to read this study, it’s a very nice piece that the INCDT – COMOTI put together.

We are proud to have supported them during that journey where Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) was required to enhance a closed impeller designed for Mechanically Pumped Fluid Loop (MPFL) systems.

The INCDT – COMOTI project was part of a European Space Agency – ESA pilot project (GSTP).


You can find the original article in English “A Study on Using the Additive Manufacturing Process for the Development of a Closed Pump Impeller for Mechanically Pumped Fluid Loop Systems” by Alexandra Adiaconitei, Ionut Sebastian Vintila, Radu Mihalache, Alexandru Paraschiv,Tiberius Frigioescu, Mihai Vladut and Laurent Pambaguian published by MDPI : or in our White Paper Library


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