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You make it. Extrude Hone® makes it high performance.

AFM, ECM, PECM and TEM Extrude Hone® Processes.

We understand that product development is a process. And the effort you devote to perfecting every aspect of your product is what sets your company apart. We respect the work you do. And we’re committed to bringing you added value. For product components with specialized surface development, shaping and finishing requirements, the Extrude Hone® line of surface finishing machines answers the call. We are committed to working with you to develop customized solutions to your manufacturing challenges, from design through delivery. Learn more about our Extrude Hone surface finishing machines here.


If you are looking for a solution with the capability to shape and finish your components in a single pass, our Extrude Hone electrochemical and precise electrochemical machining processes will provide the high-precision results and production efficiency you need.


Extrude Hone® is dedicated to providing precision surface solutions worldwide, helping our manufacturing partners produce components of uncompromising quality. There are several categories of surface finishing that we specialize in.


For specialized assistance in the development and refinement of your components, look no further. Extrude Hone provides engineering expertise at every stage of the process, from component design and prototyping to production optimization.

Extrude Hone® makes it high performance.

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